How safe is my Bank transaction on Paradise-beachwear.com?
All transactions are entered into a protected banking system provided by Pay Pal.
What are your shipping fees?
1 For Italy shipping charges are free for orders above €75, €5 for orders below €75.
2 For the countries members of the European Union shipping charges are free for orders above €75, €10 for orders below €75.
For all other countries shipping charges are free for orders above €75, €15 for orders below €75.
4 I live in the U.S.A. do I have to pay Import Fees?
5 Yes, clients shipping to the U.S.A. have to pay import fees upon delivery.
7 I live in the U.S.A. – I heard I need to give out my Social security Number to import goods, I am uneasy about this – can you explain?
8 It is a US regulation that requires an import number in order to receive shipments from outside the US. Once the order reaches the USA, Customs Border Protection as represented by BRT will request your Social Security Number. Releasing this number is in compliance with US government regulations. Paradise-beachwear.com agents will never ask this number from you at any time. If you are a non-US citizen/resident who does not have a US Social Security Number you can apply for a Customs Border Protection – assigned number. The process to obtain a CBP assigned import number generally takes 10 business days. For more information, please visit the US government website for Customs Border Protection: https://www.cbp.gov. If the package is not successfully delivered to your address, as per the Paradise-beachwear.com commercial agreement, It may risk being sent back to Italy at your expense including the return shipment and any import fees. These fees will be deducted from any eventual reimbursement.
10 Do your prices on the web site include the VAT tax? I live outside Europe and am I exempt from VAT tax?
11 All product prices on Paradise-beachwear.com reflect the actual retail price of the goods in euro and include local Italian VAT taxes, where provided. If your order is shipped outside the European Union, the price invoice will be exempt VAT tax. Please be reminded that shipments destined outside the European Union except these countries: *U.S.A, Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, SouthKorea,Taiwan,Japan,Philippines, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, India, Norway, Switzerland, are subject to import taxes and duty fees based on your home country’s regulations. Payment of import fees is your responsibility.
13 I live outside of the EU – How much do I have to pay in Import Fees?
14 Shipments outside the European Union are subject to import fees (excluding countries in our previous list*) which you are responsible to pay. Import fees and payment regulations differ from country to country. The fees are often based on the merchandise’s value and the type of items you are importing. The import fees are based on calculations that your government assesses on the incoming merchandise. We suggest you contact your local BRT office or visit www.brt.com for up-to-date information. We remind you that if your order returns to Italy due to non-compliance of import fee regulations or payment, the return shipment and re-import fees will be deducted from your reimbursement.
15 Duty fees and Import taxes are very high in my country. Can you place a lower amount on the invoice or declare the order as a gift?
16 No. We regret to inform you that we cannot declare the order with a lower value or as a gift. According to laws that regulate trade and commerce, all Paradise-beachwear.com orders are required to be shipped with an official invoice declaring the full value of each item.
18 I am a new client and I placed my order with my credit card some days ago. When will you ship?
19 Bank system and Pay Pal perform checks to verify the authenticity of the payment, most of the time is an operation that takes a few minutes, but this verification may delay immediate shipment. If you are a registered user, you can monitor the progress of your order in the web site area dedicated to your account. If you purchased as a guest, you may monitor your order status filling this modulo di ricerca.
21 I placed an Order and have not received my merchandise. Today, I looked on line and I saw the article “sold out” – why?
22 Rest assured, your order has been processed correctly. You were one of the lucky ones to order that item, the image is off line now as all the quantities have been “sold out”. Your order will be regularly shipped.
24 I am going on vacation can you hold my order until I get back?
25 The items you purchased must be shipped as soon as they are available. Commercially it is important that you receive the items you purchased, try them on and apply for any eventual return as quickly as possible. When you place your orders make sure that you are at your address and available to receive the items and confirm that all the items you received are correct. Regretfully, personal ship dates are not available.
27 I saw an item yesterday on line and today it does not appear any more. Is the item still available?
28 No. If the item was on the website yesterday, it was purchased in the last 24 hours and is no longer available.
30 What is the difference between my Credit Card being authorized and my Credit Card being debited (Pay Pal payment)?
31 If there are sufficient funds and your account is valid, Pay Pal immediately confirms and authorizes the transaction. It will be confirmed also by Paradise-beachwear.com. It will confirm the payment to re-order the item and will keep it as a an order reservation.
33 Can I have an update on the status of my order?

35 Yes. If you purchased by a registered account, you can monitor the progress of the order in your suo profilo.
36 Otherwise, you can monitor your order status by filling this modulo di ricerca. As an alternative, send an e-mail to customer@paradise-beachwear.com stating the order number (given in you confirmation e-mail), the name and surname with which the order was placed.
37 I do not like to use my credit card for internet purchases. Is there an alternative method to pay?
39 Yes, if you do not have a credit card, we also accept Pay Pal and cash on Ddelivery.
41 I have just received my order and the item is too small. Can I return it?
43 Yes. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with an order, the item(s) can be returned within 10 days for refund or store credit.
45 Return Terms and Conditions:
46 tem(s) cannot be washed or altered in any way.
47 The returned item(s) must be in the same condition as sent, packaged in an orderly fashion, and have all original tags, dust bags, hangers, etc.
48 In the case of defective or incorrect merchandise, you must follow the instructions above.
49 Paradise-beachwear.com reserves the right to request photographic support regarding defective or incorrect merchandise before authorizing a return for full reimbursement of item(s) and import fees in countries where was provided.
50 Swimwear (bikini bottoms, swim trunks or briefs) amust be tried on over underwear. Returns will not be accepted if the protective hygienic strip has been removed. Items that have any sign of use or wear will be returned to the client.
51 All authorized returned merchandise is subject to re-entry inspection at the sole discretion of Paradise-beachwear.com.
52 Based on the condition of the return and/or the non-compliance of the Return Policy a 10% restocking fee may be deducted from the final refund.
• Paradise-beachwear.com reserves the right to refuse returns that are unauthorized and/or not sent with BRT.
• Pick-ups for all authorized returns with Paradise-beachwear.com’s BRT account number must originate from the same country of the original shipment.
54 I have requested a return for a refund but I have not seen my refund yet. When will I be refunded?
55 Due to the international banking laws, please allow a minimum of thirty days to re-credit to your account. For updates regarding the future of credit, you are invited to contact us after seven working days to get the code ARN (for Visa and Master Card transactions) issued by Pay Pal. The code ARN is the number of international transaction that will allow your bank to monitor credit coming.
57 My order was cancelled but I have not seen my refund on my card yet. When will I be refunded?
58 Due to the international banking laws, please allow a minimum of thirty days to re-credit to your account. For updates regarding the future of credit, you are invited to contact us after seven working days to get the code ARN (for Visa and Master Card transactions) issued by Pay Pal. The code ARN is the number of international transaction that will allow your bank to monitor credit coming.
60 If I return goods am I still responsible for the original duty fees when the package cleared customs?
61 Yes. Import taxes in your home country must be paid whether you return the goods or not. It is standard law and practice for imports. Please contact your local BRT Office for more information.
63 I am not sure about the size I should order. Where can I see a size chart?
64 On the item’s page you can click the word size where a size chart will appear with the various conversions.
66 Your prices on the web site are in Euro. How can I convert those prices to my currency to get an idea of how much I am paying with my credit card?
68 Prices will also reflect VAT exemption when applicable. Orders outside the European Union may be subject to import fees which are not calculated in the price and are to be paid by the client upon delivery. Final credit card debited amounts may vary based on currency fluctuations and bank commissions. Paradise-beachwear.com encourages you to contact your home bank to receive the accurate price conversion and any bank commissions related to the transaction.
69 Can I have a Promotional Code? Can I get some special discounts?

71 Yes! Sign up for our newsletter and you will receive all the latest information about promotions, discounts and events. When there are special offers, promotional codes will be communicated through the newsletter, or even join one of our social network pages on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PININTEREST, INSTAGRAM.